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10 Surprisingly Useful WordPress Plugins Every Blog Should Use in 2017

Plugins extend WordPress to do anything you can imagine.

You likely have many plugins on your site, but does your WordPress blog have the most essential plugins?

Let me point out a few plugins that will improve your site’s user experience and make WordPress admin tasks easier.

These 10 WordPress plugins are extremely useful for every blogger and webmaster on the WordPress platform.

Useful WordPress plugins for every WordPress blog

1. SEO by Yoast

Having an SEO plugin is essential for any WordPress blog to rank higher in search engines. This helps you to drive free traffic from search engine.

This plugin is a serious must have for every WordPress blog out there. I have never seen any other free SEO plugins come even close to being as powerful and effective. With this one plugin, you can cover all of your on-site and on-page SEO. This plugin comes in free & pro version both.  Watch the below video to learn how to set up the plugin.

<Download SEO by Yoast>

2. WP Super Cache

WP Super cache plugin

Wouldn’t it be great if your site loads super fast? 

WordPress is memory hogging blogging software. The best way to make sure WordPress doesn’t make your web server crash is by using a cache plugin. There are many great WordPress cache plugins out there & WP Super Cache tops everyone for its simplicity to configure & works great even on a shared hosting.

Whenever a user browses your blog post, WordPress have to fetch the post from WordPress database. This calls for too many PHP calls. Imagine if 100 visitors visiting your blog, WordPress will be running 100*x PHP calls to serve web pages to everyone.

When you use a cache plugin, it creates a static HTML file of the web page & thus instead of doing too many computations on fly, WordPress serves page from the cache. This reduces the server load drastically & also your pages are served within few seconds.

This is how any cache plugin works & if you are on a shared hosting or VPS, you should be using a cache plugin. The only exception is when you are using a managed WordPress hosting, you don’t need to use a cache plugin. You can download the plugin from below link & follow the listed guide to learn to configure WP Super Cache plugin.

<Download WP Super Cache>

  • Read: Complete Tutorial to configure Super Cache plugin

3. Jetpack plugin

Jetpack is a multi-option plugin which is power packed with many features in one plugin. This plugin is by the people behind WordPrss & this is one of the well-maintained WordPress plugins you will ever encounter.

Here are few things you will be able to do with Jetpack WordPress plugin:

  • Add a contact form
  • Analytics to track page views & search query
  • Downtime monitor to get notified when your site is down
  • Protect to prevent hackers from brute forcing your blog login page
  • Social sharing buttons to let your reader share your blog posts
  • Auto publicizes feature to automatically share a blog post on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus after you hit the publish button.
  • Related posts to increase engagement & lower down bounce rate
  • Subscription options so that users can subscribe to your blog updates
  • Sitemaps feature. However, I recommend you to use sitemap feature of Yoast SEO
  • Site backup to take daily backup of your blog
  • Photon that is free CDN for WordPress blog

There are many more features that you will get once you start using Jetpack plugin. Once you start using Jetpack, you can ditch many other plugins from your blog & lower down the total number of the used plugin.

Download Jetpack plugin

Here are few guides & tutorials to learn more about Jetpack plugin:

  • Jetpack Plugin: A Powerful WordPress Plugin by Automattic [Updated]
  • How To Use The JetPack Auto-Publicize Feature For Social Media Automation
  • How To Use Jetpack Plugin WordPress Mobile Theme Feature
  • How to Disable JetPack Modules
  • How to Generate Sitemap for WordPress with Jetpack WordPress Plugin

4. Akismet – Free your blog from comments spam

One of the biggest challenges most of the WordPress blogger face is spam comments. As a blogger it’s our duty to remove spam comments from our blog. Akismet is one of the well maintained WordPress plugin to tackle the spam comments automatically.

It filters out the spam comments so that you don’t have to do the manual work. This plugin has been one of the most downloaded anti-spam comment plugin.

Download Akismet Plugin

To use this plugin, you need an API key. They have free as well as paid version. However, it’s not easy to get the free API but like always ShoutMeLoud is here to help you save money. Click on the link below to learn how you can get Akismet API key for free.

How to get Akismet API key for free

5. OneSignals

This is a unique plugin for driving more traffic to your blog. OneSignals adds a new way for your readers to subscribe to your blog.

It adds the web push technology on your blog and readers using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers will get a notification to subscribe to your blog updates.

After that, whenever you publish a new blog post, your subscriber will get push notifications alerting them that there’s a new post.

<Download OneSignals>

6. WordFence Plugin

Now, it’s time to secure your WordPress blog. There are many security related WordPress plugins out there & you can use any. However, WordFence is one of the top security plugins that ensure your blog stay safe from hackers.

The feature of this plugin is overwhelming but it ensures your blog doesn’t get hacked. They roll out updates every now & then to tackle the latest hacking & cracking technique.

Download WordFence Plugin

7. No Self pings

I have seen numerous list of useful WordPress plugins on the web & Its surprising that no one has listed No self-pings plugin. This simple plugin helps you to save a lot of headache.

When you link to any post from any post on your blog, it sends a pingback. Technically you don’t need such pingback & you have to manually delete these. With this plugin, your blog will stop sending Pingback from the blog itself & thus help you save a lot of time.

This plugin avoids sending pings to your own site when you publish posts with links to your own posts.

This is a plug & play plugin without any configuration.

Download No Self Pings Plugin.

8. Easy Affiliate Links

This is a free plugin for WordPress which lets you manage all of your affiliate links.

You can read all about this plugin here.

Easy Affiliate Links helps to shorten and mask an awkward looking URL. It also helps in redirecting to your favorite affiliate programs.

For affiliate marketers, this plugin, along with SEO Smart Links, will add a lot of value to your site.

<Download Easy Affiliate Links>

9. Optin Monster

Can you think of a blog without an email list?an email list?

Well, OptinMonster is one great plugin that helps you capture an email list.

This plugin offers many advanced features such as A/B testing, Geolocation targeting, Conditional pop-ups & even offers email subscription forms for mobile sites.

<Download OptinMonster>

10. Broken link checker Plugin

Broken links are dead end for search engine & bad for your website SEO. Broken link checker is a free plugin that continuously scan your blog for broken links & you can fix them with one click. This plugin avoids sending pings to your own site when you publish posts with links to your own posts.

I have been using this plugin from the inception of ShoutMeLoud & something every WordPress blog should use. I have written this guide on how to use Broken link checker plugin which is a good start for any beginner.

<Download broken link checker Plugin>

These 10 plugins are not only very useful, but they’re must-have plugins for any WordPress blog.

They will add another layer of functionality and add features to your WordPress blog that will enhance both the user and the admin experience.

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