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These are the 5 healthy foods you must feed your kids



Kids are very choosy about food and it is a task to feed them healthy food items. TV commercials for fast food and peer pressure can also influence their eating habits. In today’s time, with the hectic schedule of the parents, kids’ diet usually consists of convenience food. However, for normal growth it is essential that the kids get proper nutrition and eat healthy food. Switching to healthy food will have a positive effect on the health of the entire family. Healthy diet will help your children to have sharp mind, stay focused, be energetic and have a positive outlook. According to experts, you can make your kids eat healthy food by making it more delicious. Here are some tips by Gulneer Puri, dietician at tele-medicine platform Doctor Insta, and Sujetha Shetty, nutritionist and diet expert at online fitness platform Gympik, to help you out.

1. Include dairy items

Food items like yogurt, milk, fortified soy beverage and cheese should be part of your kid’s diet. You can try out some yummy new recipes using these ingredients as they are source of calcium, which plays an important role in maintaining the health of the bones.

2. Fruits


Yes, we understand that it is difficult to make your kids eat fruits and vegetables but ask them to try new fruits. If your kid likes to drink fruit juices then make them at home instead of offering them packaged fruit juice,  as packaged fruit juices are loaded with sugar. Do not add sugar while making fruit juice at home and keep it as the last option because making juice will take out the fiber in them.

3. Grains

Select whole grains as they are rich in fiber and vitamin B. You can include quinoa, oatmeal, whole-wheat bread and brown bread in the diet.

4. Vegetables



Try to give variety of fresh vegetables available locally and seasonally. Make it interesting by making innovative salad using colorful vegetables. You can include orange, dark green and red vegetables along with peas and beans.

5. Proteins

Proteins are important for repairing and maintaining tissues, promoting muscle growth, improving immunity and production of hemoglobin. Kid’s diet should include peas, legumes, eggs, soy products, lean meat, seeds and unsalted nuts.

Here is a list of components that you should try to exclude from your kid’s diet

1.Trans fat and saturated fat

Trans fat and saturated fat are the unhealthy fat present in food items like poultry, red meat and full-fat products. Avoid food that contains trans fat or partially hydrogenated oil. You can replace this unhealthy fat with vitamin E present in sea foods, nut and vegetable oils. Healthy fats are present in avocados, olives and nuts.

2. Added sugar

Try to avoid processed foods, breakfast cereals and chocolates that contain brown sugar, corn syrup, caramel and corn sweetener. Try to give your child natural beverage and food.


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