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6 Best Aweber Alternative For Email Marketing in 2017

Selecting the right Email marketing software is a crucial step for your Email marketing success. Aweber is the leader of Email marketing software for bloggers and Internet marketers.  Top bloggers & entrepreneurs are tremendously making use of Email Marketing to promote their affiliate product and services using Aweber . PJ has shared a quick note on Aweber over here and let me quickly show you some of the features of Aweber and, later on, I will share closest alternatives to Aweber. alter

Aweber was started especially for email marketing and to provide email newsletter. The process is simple and lets me quickly explain it for newbies. You sign up for Aweber, Create a signup form, place Email sign up form on your blog and start building your Email list. Now you have the complete control over your Email list, and you can decide when to send out new updates to your Email subscriber. The best part about Aweber is, it’s easier to understand the dashboard and work on it. What separate Aweber from others is the features and support offered by them. Aweber has many useful features like:

  • 400+ ready-made newsletter templates.
  • Responsive Email templates
  • RSS to EMAIL options.
  • Traffic and Click monitoring
  • Integration on almost any script.
  • Advanced HTML auto responders facility.
  • Android & iOS Mobile app (Atom & Aweber stats)

You can take a free test-drive of Aweber for the first month which will let you send unlimited emails and create a list up to 500 subscribers. Once you have made a list of 500 email subscriber, the updated price would be:

Subscribers Monthly Price
0 – 500 $1
501 – 2,500 $10
2,501 – 5,000 $30
5,001 – 10,000 $50

Well if you are looking for one suggestion, I would recommend you to start using Aweber for your email marketing.

Sign up for aweber

I’m also listing down others Email marketing software which are popular and considers as the closest alternative to Aweber. Do keep in mind, they are the closest alternative and not the best product like Aweber. List of  Aweber Alternatives Auto-responder This list is not in any particular order, and I have listed down the price and pros-cons of every alternative email marketing tool here.



0 – 1000 for $15

30 days free trail



0 – 2500 for $49

21 days free trail



0 – 500 for $10

Free 2000 subscribers

& 12000 emails



0 – 1000 for $29



Active Campaign

0 – 500 for $9

14 days free trial


Constant Contact

0 – 500 for $20




0 – 500 for $10

30 days free trial


1. GetResponse alter GetResponse is a popular solution for Email marketing and quite popular. GetResponse offers a feature-rich, cost-effective email marketing service that’s priced to fit your budget. They offer many cutting edge features which you need to succeed in email-marketing. They offer Webinar supports, integrate with many online popular services, mobile optimized templates & they also have mobile apps. GetResponse serves around 350,000+ of customers worldwide with its Email marketing services. GetResponse serves around 350,000+ of customers worldwide with its Email marketing services. They offer 30 days free trial without requiring any credit card which makes it a great starting point for beginners. They offer both double opt-in & single opt-in. Free Getresponse account Check out their rates below:

Subscribers Monthly Price
0 – 1000 $15
1001 – 2500 $25
2501 – 5000 $45
5001 – 1,0000 $65
10,001 – 2,5000 $145
25,001 – 50,000 $250
50,001 – 100,000 $450

2) Drip (Marketing automation that doesn’t suck) Drio is another email service which is very popular in 2017. Many of you might now have heard of it, as it’s not as big as companies like Aweber or Mailchimp. Though, the power of drop is in it’s easy to use automation. Drip campaign email marketing If you are a first-time email marketer or a pro at email-marketing, drop powerful marketing automation can help you to capture more leads, onboard more users, and close more sales. Drip pricing Drip offers 21 days full featured trial & than the plan starts from $49. Their pricing is pretty outstanding in compare to all other competition. Try Drip for free 3. MailChimp Mailchimp Email marketing software MailChimp is one of the popular options after Aweber. One of the reasons for mail chimp popularity is due to free account for initial 2000 subscriber and 12000 emails. Well before complete free Email marketing gimmick fool you, you should know that if you have a list of 2000 Email subscriber (Free plan), you will be able to send out only 6 Emails in a month. What good about Mailchimp is their modern dashboard and intuitive interface. Mailchimp also has an iOS app which is handy for iPhone users. Mailchimp pricing:

Subscribers Monthly Price
0 – 500 $10
501 – 1,000 $15
1,001 – 1,500 $20
1,501 – 2,000 $25

4) ConvertKit Convertkit 2017 is the year of segmentation & tagging. This is one area where Aweber is catching up but I still find it to be too old for our taste. It would take time for me to shift away from Aweber but you have a chance to pick something which is modern & offers up to date email marketing technology such as tagging, Segmentation. Convertkit is one of those email marketing service that you would hear a lot in 2017. If you have an eBook or a membership site, you are good to pick this as your email marketing friend. It works well with all popular services such as Zapier, OptinMonster, Gumroad, Leadpages, WordPress to name a few. It starts with $29/month for 1000 subscribers & it’s pretty solid with the automation features. Convertkit pricing Check out Convertkit


5) Active Campaign: Active Campaign This one was introduced to me in February when I was attending a webinar by Glen from Authority hacker. This is what he was using & I was pretty impressed with the offering of Active campaign. This is more sophisticated than Convertkit & also easy to get started with. Email marketing automation They offer 14 days free trial (No credit card required) & it starts with $9/month which is affordable for all level of internet marketer. It pulls up the Gravatar ID of email address, which kind of make our list more human. Check out ActiveCampaign 6. Constant Contact Constant Contact is another best email marketing company and also they are best known for Online Survey and Event Marketing. Constant Contact has around 50 readymade email newsletter for their customers. Various beautiful signup forms and have a good migrating services provided to those who wants to use Constant Contact service in the future. Check their rates below: constant contact pricing 6. Campaigner Campaigner is good if you have a short list of subscribers, and you are running small kind of blog or business. Campaigner has 450+ readymade newsletter template for their clients. Campaigner is 20% cheaper rates to that of Aweber’s. Campaigner also has 30 days free trial. Check their rates below:

Subscribers Monthly Price
0 – 500 $10
501 – 2,500 $25
2,501 – 5,000 $40
5,001 – 10,000 $55

There are many more options for Email marketing software and one which could be listed down as Aweber alternatives. According to my research, these are the top alternatives which you can go for if Aweber doesn’t suffice your need. Are you using any other Email marketing software which is an excellent fit for this post? Let us know via comments.


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