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Best In-Text Advertising Program for Bloggers

One of the most common questions asked by people is: In-text advertising compatibility with AdSense and to let you know, we have used Infolinks here at PJERA for years along with AdSense & never had any issue. In short, you can have in-text ads along with Google AdSense.

There are many options available for ln-text Ads, but I won’t suggest you give a hit and trial method for ln -text Ads. You can find few options provided by good Advertisers such as InfoLinks which I covered in my earlier post about Alternatives to Google Adsense.

Popular In-text Advertising Programs to make money from your blog:

Infolinks  Let me start with one of the most famous and popular networks among Blogger. Infolinks is one of the easy to start and implement the network. You can control ads from Infolinks dashboard and it offers minimum payout at $50. Infolinks also offer related tags feature to further boost your earning. Overall, after using Infolinks for almost 2 years, I can recommend this network. The payout is via PayPal.

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Viglink works on a different model and unlike another In-text advertising network, Viglink converts your normal link into an affiliate link. Saying that instead of earning few cents/click, with Viglink you can earn much more with affiliate commission. Viglink is partnered with many existing affiliate network and it converts your normal link into affiliate links. Don’t worry about SEO, it won’t make any difference in SEO.

For example: If you write about App store product and you are not an Apple affiliate, Viglink will convert your link into aff. link and when a reader buys the app, you will get a commission out of it. I tried this network on ShoutMeTech, and it turns out to be really good. I highly recommend tech bloggers to give it a shot.

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Vibrant is a popular advertiser with more than 6000 partners, thus the chances of relevant advertisements automatically increase. I used Vibrant and I was pretty happy with it. Vibrant Ads are easy to blend with your blog content and increase the chances of more clicks.


Be Context provides you keywords targeted ads to attract your visitors and geographically target your visitors by country, city or timezone. If you are aware of Clicksor, then you will love to try out Be Context as it is one of the top services by Clicksor.


Skimlinks is a mobile optimized application set to monetize your apps or sites to earn money from the links you might have created for mobile content.

Skimlinks is the best advertising program for a blogger to automate affiliate marketing across your entire network. The link used in the content to intent purchase automatically monetize on social media, access searchable product feeds and measure your content’s performance. Skimlinks is a popular advertiser and trusted over 1.5 million of the world’s top publishers.

Apply for Skimlinks

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Well by the end, your earning depends upon your blog demographic. For example, traffic from countries like U.S always pays more than traffic from Asian countries. So, my advice is to pick a network which converts better for your blog demographic. I have used Infolinks, Viglink, Kontera from above list on my blog and they work out to be good. You can also check other network TOS and apply for them and see which one works.

Do let us know which In-text advertising network are you using at the moment and which one you will recommend to others?

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