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Best WordPress Security Plugins To Protect WordPress Blog

WordPress is the most preferred blogging platform for many people. It has some of the excellent features like theme and plug-in that enhance the blogger’s experience. This article focuses on the popular security plugins that your WordPress blog website needs to have to prevent hacking or spamming activities and improve the security system.

Best WordPress security pluginsOne way to protect your blog is by implementing security measures from day one, you can always use .htaccess method to hardened your security, but as we know WordPress is full of plugins and extending our top WordPress security plugins post, here I’m sharing some of the best WordPress security plugins, which will help you to make your blog more secure. As Harsh has discussed earlier, using too many plugins may hamper down your site performance, I recommend you to read the description and use only a few of these plugins that you need. Though, some of the plugins listed below like Login Lockdown and Akismet are one of those security plugins, which I highly recommend you to Install. Apart from these plugins, I recommend you to read following posts that will help you to harden your blog security further:

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Best WordPress Security Plugins to live a hack free life:

As we say, prevention is better than cure, and same is with your WordPress blog security. WordPress is PHP and MySQL based system and it’s vulnerable to hack attempt, so make sure you setup a proper backup system to take backup of your database and wp-content folder on the regular basis. You can look into VaultPress now, which has become a mature premium backup solution and VaultPress team will further help you to maximize security by offering some expert advice.

Login LockDown:

login lockdown WordPress plugin

Brute force attack is the most common type of attack a WordPress site gets and login lockdown is the simplest plugin that you can use against brute force attack. What this plugin does is; it logs the login attempt to your site and if too many failed login attempt made from the same I.P within 5 minutes, it will block access of that I.P. for next one hour. You an always configure and change the time to match your requirement. But before you install this plugin I would suggest the look at other mentioned options, as other WordPress security plugins offer more options along with limit login option.

Plugin link

Chap Secure Login:

Chap Secure Login plug-in is easy to use, a zero-configuration plugin that is ready to use once activated. This plug-in uses the Chap protocol to encrypt the password while logging into your website and transmits the username unencrypted.
The password is first concealed with a random number generated by the session and then transformed by the SHA-256 hash algorithm. On an insecure channel with no secure protocols use this plug-in to disallow showing your password. <Download Chap secure plugin>

WP Security Scan:

The WordPress security scan plug-in is a free plug-in so you can download and add it to your blog anytime.Using this plugin, you will able to monitor your blog for any admin password changes, hide the current version of WordPress you are using, scan your blog for all possible security attacks.

The WP version is embedded and shown in the head section. This can be removed by using this plug-in. The plug-in provides security settings for the database, password and file permissions. This plug-in allows securing your database to any other unusual prefix different from the default database table prefix “wp”. <Download WP security plugin>

Restricted Site Access:

WordPress restricted site

If you intend to restrict access for users/ visitors on one part of your website, then add this plug-in to your blog. For example, you can restrict one part of your website for parallel development or testing. Adding this plug-in will help you handle unwanted visitors to your blog or site as you can define the visibility settings for the same.

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Restricted site access implies that visitors who are not logged in to your or allowed by IP address will not able to browse your site. You can a re-direct them to a custom location or display a message, or send them to the login page. You will also be able to add a range of imp addresses as well as yours to an unrestricted list. The re-direct location can be any path of your choice, choose to send the visitor to the same path and set the HTTP status code to facilitate a friendly search engine. <Download plugin>


Use this plugin to take a backup of your database at regular intervals. You will able to configure the back-up settings, and once the intervals are set, the plug-in automatically takes a backup of your database and sends it to your e-mail. You can back up the core WordPress database tables as well as custom tables created by plugins. If your blog is hacked, you can easily import the files and restore the database using the backup. <Download WP Db Backup>

Though a better solution would be taking a complete wp-content backup and you can use service like Managewp and configure a backup system using Amazon S3 or Dropbox.

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BulletProof Security:

BulletProof security

BulletProof Security plug-in is the ultimate plug-in that uses .htaccess website security files to protect your root website folder and wp-admin folder and also provides additional website security protection. The different security modes are Root .htaccess security protection, wp-admin .htaccess security protection, Deny All .htaccess self-protection, WordPress default .htaccess mode and .htaccess Maintenance Mode (503 Website under Maintenance).

When you would like to work on your website, use the BPS maintenance mode and allow only yourself to access your WordPress Dashboard or add specific IP addresses that can also access your Dashboard in maintenance mode.
In BulletProof Security Mode, your WordPress website is protected against XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking. <Download BP security plugin>

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Anti-Virus for WordPress:

Similar to using an anti-virus program for your system, add the anti-virus plugin for your WordPress blog to protect it from virus attacks. This plug-in performs a virus check on your database tables and template files and displays alerts if found. You set the scan to check for any malware or virus daily, and report be sent to your e-mail. <Download WordPress Antivirus plugin>



Akismet fights against comment and trackback spam and keeps your blog secured through its Akismet web service. To use this plug-in, you need an API key that you can get from Akismet.com. A comment status history is where you can list of comments that were found as spam. If any comment has a missing link or a hidden link, they will be highlighted, and you will get more information from the spam and unspam reports.

<Download Akismet>

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WordPress community has a plugin database of more than 18000 plugins ranging from security to adding widgets. Choose to add plugins that will keep your WordPress site a safe and secure free from virus and hackers. I hope you enjoyed reading my choice of best WordPress security plugins, and if you believe I missed something do let me know via comments.

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