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Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin: Fix Broken Links & Redirections

The Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin (BLC) is an essential SEO audit plugin.

For any huge WordPress blog, this plugin is a lifesaver for removing broken links and fixing redirections, and is very handy when you are cleaning up your WordPress site. This plugin finds all broken and redirected links and gives you lots of options on how to fix them

But before we talk more about the Broken Link Checker plugin, let’s talk about broken links.

Update: New Link Status Pro WordPress Plugin Will Not Slow Down Your Blog

What are broken links?

Broken links are links which don’t link to an existing page. It’s a “dead” link and contains a 404 error code.

In the past, you might have linked to some page on some website, but that page has since been removed. This causes a broken link. When a visitor follows that link, they will get a 404 error page.

But this does not just impact users. When search engine bots find a broken link, they also get a 404 status code implying that the page does not exist. From an SEO point of view, these broken links (ie dead links) will negatively affect your website.

Too many of these links and a website will suffer from something called “Link Rot“.

  • So how does a website get broken links?

Well, aside from linking to a page that has been removed, if you are a popular blog that gets a lot of comments, those comments contain links. If your site has been around for a while, and you have gotten lots of comments, chances are you have a lot of broken links to websites that no longer exist.

There are many broken link checker websites out there to check which links on your site are broken. But with WordPress, we have the power of plugins.

WordPress Plugin To Fix Broken Links

Broken Link Checker is a free tool for WordPress.

It helps you to find all broken links on your blog as well as highlight all of the redirections.

This WP plugin checks all URLs on your WordPress blog and gives you a complete report of the broken and redirected links.

How To Use Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

  • Download and install the plugin. <Link> (How To Install WordPress Plugin)
  • Activate the plugin and go to its setting by clicking on Tools > Broken Links.

It might take some time before the plugin starts detecting broken and redirected links. You can always check the status from your dashboard.

Here is how the broken link checker plugin shows broken links:

Along with broken links, it also shows the status code which will help you determine if you have to unlink, update, or not take any action.

My recommendation would be work on updating the link instead of simply unlinking. But, if you have a huge blog with thousands of broken links, it’s better to get rid of such 404 links instead of delaying it for later.

You can also configure many settings. I would suggest you go to “Look For Links In” and check the comments section.

If your server is underpowered or if it’s overpowered, you can set the specific “Server load limit” under the “Advanced” settings tab.

And in the “General” tab, you can stop search engine bots from following broken links. I would highly recommend you set this one.

Broken links found. What next?

So after running this plugin for several hours, you’re bound to find some broken links.

For comments, you can simply select all of them and from the dropdown, you can select “Unlink”.

For blog posts, I would highly recommend you update the link instead of just unlinking it. This will maintain the integrity of your original post.

The most interesting feature of this plugin is finding and fixing redirections. Over time, many people change their domains and do a redirection, or some change permalink structures but the old interlinks are linking to the old URLs.

The Broken Link Checker plugin checks all redirections, and with one click, you can fix and update the redirected links.

NOTE: If you are using affiliate links, these will be also shown as redirected links, so make sure you don’t fix the affiliate links.

Here is a screenshot of how you can fix redirected links:

If you ever changed domains or permalink structures, or you moved from BlogSpot to WordPress or from any other platform, this redirect feature will be very useful for you.

Some time back, I changed the CallingAllGeeks permalink structure which ended up showing duplicate meta descriptions for all the posts under the HTML suggestion of my Google Webmaster tool. After searching around, I realized it was a bug, but I also realized there was no need to keep a bunch of links with the old permalink structure because too many redirections and broken links will be bad for SEO.


Depending upon the number of total links on your site, this plugin will take around 10-45 minutes to fix all broken and redirected links.

The last time I used this plugin, I ended up fixing almost 600 broken links at PJERA!

Quick note: This plugin adds too many tables in your database which will increase your database size. So, after using this plugin, disable it and using the WT-DB Manager plugin, you can delete all tables created by this plugin.

For your reference, here are the tables created by BLC:

plugin: _blc_filters, _blc_instances, _blc_links, _blc_synch

It doesn’t matter which platform are you using (WordPress or otherwise), broken links on any site are not good for SEO. Whenever you do an SEO audit of your website, make sure to use Broken Link Checker.


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