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How To Change WordPress Default ‘Admin” Username

Whenever we talk about WordPress Security, very first suggestion is to change WordPress default username. As WordPress default username is  “admin” and it makes it hackers to attempt a brute-force attack using username admin. Since hackers already have your username, it will make it easier for them to find your password using brute forcing. Especially, if your web hosting is not using any login attempt security or you are not using limit-login WordPress plugin, you might end up losing your WordPress blog access.

If you use Fantastico or Simple script to install WordPress, you get to change the username of your blog. If you are installing WordPress 3.2 or above, you can change and set any other username. But, if you happened to be running a WordPress blog with default username i.e. admin, you need to follow this article and change your username right away.

There are many ways to change your default WordPress username:

  • PHPMyAdmin
  • WordPress Plugin: Wp Optimize

PHPMyAdmin is a geeky way but if you enjoy doing most of the thing using PHPMyAdmin, you will enjoy this method.

Changing WordPress default username using PhpMyAdmin

You need to access your PHPMyAdmin, which you can do using any WordPress plugin or cPanel. Login to your cPanel and navigate to PHPMyadmin.

Once you are inside PHPMyAdmin, select your WordPress database and follow next instruction.

Wordpress Data base

Select your WordPress database

Once you are inside the database, look for WP_users and click on browse button as shown in below image.

Click on the browse button

Click on the browse button

Now will see your username and encrypted form of your password.

Prevent your wordrpress blog from being hacked

click on the pencil icon

Click on the pencil icon to change your WordPress login users name and password

New wordpress login username

Enter the new login username in front of the user_login and new password in front of the user_pass

Once you have entered new the login username or/and passwords, click on the drop down right in front of the user_pass and select MD5( this will encrypt your password).

Changing Login username using WordPress Plugin:

Admin renamer

You can use a plugin call Admin name extender to change all admins username. This is a simple to use plugin, and after installing, Go to Plugins> Admin renamer extended and start changing the username. Simple & convenient.

Download plugin

Manual method:

There is another trick but that’s a manual process and quite lengthy. In that process:

  • Create a new user with admin privilege.
  • Login using newly created username.
  • Delete admin username.
  • Attributes all posts and comments to your username.
Of all the method, Wp-optimize is the easiest and fastest method to change WordPress default username. If you are still using admin as your WordPress login name, follow any of the above method and make your WP blog more secure.

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