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How to choose and apply eyeshadow the right way



Eyeshadow is one of the best makeup products to amp up your look and go from girl-next-door to glam. However, not using it the right way can ruin the look and make you look garish too. So, if you haven’t used or experimented much with that eyeshadow palate lying your makeup cabinet, it is time to take it out and try these hacks with it. We have a few easy tips you can follow to apply your eyeshadow the right way and rock any party look you want. Since these tips are for beginners, we have kept them simple and quick that are easy to follow.

Choose the right type of eyeshadow

Primarily, eyeshadows are of two types – cream and powder based ones. There is also matte finish and metallic eyeshadows. You first need to decide which one you’d want to go with based on the occasion. Metallic eyes look good in the night for a party while matte is for a day look for formal gathering. Cream eyeshadow gives a dewy effect to the face while powder one is more for the glitter and a shine-free face. If you have oily skin, skip the cream one and opt for powder eyeshadow while people with dry skin can opt for a cream-based one.

Always use an eyeshadow brush

It is best to stick to using that small eyeshadow brush that comes with the kit to apply it on your eyelids. This will help you to apply it properly without the excess powder falling on your eyes or face. Using a makeup brush means you will dab too much, it can look patchy and uneven. Keep at least two eyeshadow brushes, one for light colors and other for dark hues.


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Use a primer before applying eyeshadow

A primer helps even out your skin tone, sets the makeup and also helps it stay for longer. And so, it is a good idea to invest in a face primer that can be used on your eyelids as well before you apply eyeshadow. This will prep them and help it stay longer. Simply massage it on your eyelids at least 10 minutes before you apply your eyeshadow.

Apply eyeliner after eyeshadow

There isn’t a point of applying your eyeliner first as your eyeshadow is bound to cover it and you will need apply it again. So, take our advice and first apply the eyeshadow. Then put on the liner as you can also experiment more with it. Go bold with winged liner or keep it subtle by keeping it in line with your eyelid. Since your eyeshadow is already in place, you can make your eyes look dramatic or simple as per your liking.

How to apply eyeshadow

The first thing to remember is that your eyeshadow is primarily on your eyelid and not all the way up to you. Usually, a highlighter which is a light or nude shade is used for this. Your darkest color of the eyeshadow is on the lid. After you highlight your eyes with a clean sweep or fanning motion, pick a medium-hued color and using a brush, apply it on the inner corners and centre of your lid. This should have some shimmer to make your eyes pop. Apply the darkest hue on the outer parts of the lid from inside to outside. Now, blend the eyeshadow using a brush. This will give your eyes the right amount of shimmer as well as the light and dark effect. If you do not want to use two-three colors, you can stick to a single hue as well which is easier to apply. For a day look, stick to a single tone and go bold for an evening party.


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