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How to Create a Strong and Smart Password

When we talk about online security the most common problem faced by people are hacked account. Hacked websites and hacked online life. The common problem for such issue is lack of an efficient antivirus, or if you believe you have the best antivirus try and check effectiveness of your password.

Google released a post on password safety tips. I will quickly summarize the post and you can read more about it on official page.

How to Make a Strong password for better security:

Using Dictionary password

Most common password we use are dictionary words and the problem with dictionary words are they can easily be taken by a brute force attack. A brute force attack will keep trying different combination of words to crack your password. Thumb rule : Avoid using Common dictionary password.

Using common passwords

People tends to use their password associated with their life like birthdate, phone numbers, girlfriend name. Such passwords can be easily taken down by hot and trial method. Are you one of them, try to get a new password.

Password recovery option

Remember my previous post on Recover Gmail password by SMS, make sure your password recovery options are up to date. This will be very helpful in case of retrieving password.

Complex password

Use a complex password. By complex password I means your password should contain lower character, upper case, letters, numbers, special symbol. if you feel your password is too secure , you should cross check using online brute force calculator.

Thumb rule which I believe on , keep a separate account for your major accounts like Adsense, Hosting, bank accounts. No matter what, never add your account into any public domain.

Another advice would be , go back to 80’s and start maintaining your online password into a dictionary. I know it sounds little weird, but when your system is online, you are exposed to every one.

What security measures you take to create a strong password?

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