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How to CrowdSource Your Design Ideas using Freelancer.com

Last time when I talked about blog design, I explained how custom design will help you in better branding. Though, the problem with solopreneur blogger like you and me is getting the best work, at a decent price. Usually, when I hire someone for blog work, I prefer social recommendations, over using Google to find people. At times I use network like elance, Freelancer to find developers, designers. The problem with freelancing sites is, even if you wish to spend good for quality work, result is not always the same. A good solution to this problem is crowdsourcing.

Imagine, you have a budget of $400 for your blog design, and you have your design requirement ready, instead of hiring individual guy, you organize a contest, where all designers can submit their design, and the design which you like, takes the money. The concept of crowdsourcing is nothing new in freelancing business, as existing business like 99designs is using it successfully. Crowdsourcing model is very beneficial, when you want to get best of the work at your given price.

How to Crowdsource your design using freelance.com Contest:

You can crowdsource design in various categories like business card, blog design, Twitter background design, logo design, and many more. Here is a complete list:

freelancer.com design contests

Here is the complete model on which freelance contest crowdsourcing model works:

Freelance crowdsourcing

Here is how you can crowdsource a new design:

  • Go to Freelance site, login or register if you don’t have an account.
  • Click on post contest at the top nav-bar
  • Select the project on which you need work to be done.
  • Give a name to the project.
  • Add details of the project. You can also attach related files. It’s a good idea to include rough file if you have created one. This will help designers to use your idea, to create a better design.
  • Set the budget of the project. Don’t try to be cheap, as with better bounty, you will attract more quality designer.
  • You an also set the number of days to run the contest
  • Now, depending upon your requirement, you can add few addons, that will help you to attract more designers. These addons are paid, but they will help you to make your crowdsourcing more effective.

Freelance contest

CLick next,and go ahead with the payment. You can add fund using PayPal, Credit card and Skrill 1-tap. So far from my experience, blog design matters a lot. All the blogs I have in my network have unique design, and it helps a lot in branding, and making a unique impression. More over, you can use this for getting your social media profile design, or better order a complete branding page.

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Instead of hiring individual freelance designer, here you will be getting tons of design options, and you keep the right to accept any design. This will not only help you to get the best design, but also it will be value for money. For a talented design, freelance contest crowdsourcing feature can give great monetary benefit.

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