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How Feedburner Can Become Best Free Email Marketing Tool

Email subscription option is must have for every bloggers to offer on their blog. We have many paid services like Mailchimp, Aweber and so on. Though nothing can beat Feedburner when you are looking for a free option to send Email Newsletter. Though problem with feed-burner is, they have not updated or introduced any new feature from many months


Here I’m suggesting few new features which will improve Feedburner drastically:


Reminder Email for unconfirmed Subscription:

Biggest problem with Feedburner email subscription is you can’t send reminder Email officially from feed burner interface. And when any user tried to subscribe to your Email newsletter but forget to click on confirmation Email, he will never receive any Email and your stats will show another unconfirmed Email subscriber. This is really annoying as manually managing them is not easy. If Feedburner will introduce this feature to send confirmation reminder again after certain days like Aweber, this will be a huge plus point.

User Management:

User control and management is first thing which I will be looking into my Email marketing tool. That’s the reason I’m paying for Aweber and using it as one of Email marketing software. How about an option to search for users, delete users and temporary block users.  How about an option to select multiple users at the same time and perform action.

Easy subscribe/unsubscribe service for readers:

How about a common interface for readers where they can see which all Email newsletter they are subscribed to. Where they can select to activate, deactivate subscription. And based on past subscription, suggested email newsletters, user should subscribe to. This will eventually profit all 3 of us. Admin, readers and Feedburner.

Email Newsletter:

In WordPress we can use certain hacks to send Email to only Feed subscribers but if Feedburner wish to expands it’s boundaries, they need to start offering broadcast feature. Where we can send Email newsletter to only Feed subscribers. This will cut down the need of our paid email marketing tool.  May be as a free service, they can limit it to certain number and can also offer a pro service of Feedburner, where unlimited broadcast is possible. Imagine as a webmaster, this will help you to grow your Email list tremendously.

Email list option:

For any blog which may be divided into different segment. ( Lots of different categories). I would love to create Email list based on interest. May be an Email list for people who love contest and free giveaways, another one for WordPress lovers. By using WordPress condition tag I can achieve this, but than I have to burn different feeds.

Custom design Templates:

All newbie use Feedburner Email subscription service from day1. Though many of them are not good with coding and designing. How about if feed burner will start offering custom template for Email subscription and that will enhance the look and feel of subscription box. More call to action and more Email subscribers for you.

I hope we will see an updated version of Feedburner soon and Feed burner guys will notice this short post. May be a wake up call.

Though there could be more suggestions and I would love to know your views and ideas on how Feedburner can improve it’s service.

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