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How to install Python in windows

well well well guys congratulations you finally found them the greatest place on tutorials in the entire freaking
universe.  so before we get started learning Python making games doing anything cool like. that what I want to mention is this I’m guessing that you’re watching these videos on either YouTube or my website, and if you try watching them on that little video player then it’s gonna be hard to see what’s going on.

so whenever you watch these videos make sure you change the video size to full screen and also 1080 high def.

my entire desktop is 1080 and I’m gonna be recording the entire thing so again make sure to change it to 1080 and also full screen and these videos are gonna be crystal clear. so now that you’re done oh that simple enough.

what is Python?

now you probably already know what it is and you just want to learn it but for some people who are just watching this video because they heard of it before but they aren’t really sure what it is it’s Python a programming language. that you can use for a ton of stuff you can actually use it not only for like, web development but you can make use it to make computer games. just you know basic software for the desktop like this crap, right here and you can also use it to make like web crawlers so say you have a website and you want to go gather links or go to a website and download all the images.

really easy you can do it for that too so again there’s a bunch of awesome stuff um regarding Python and that’s why
it’s one of my favorite actually I will say it is my favorite programming language of all time. all right so enough
about you know me rambling on talking about whatever let’s go ahead and start coding.

so the Python website that you need to go to is www.python.org and go to that on home page and once you’re on there go to the download section so click that and you’re gonna see okay the first thing we have to decide is whether download Python 2.7 .8 or the latest one 3.7  now this is kind of old and it’s becoming outdated so I would highly recommend downloading Python 3.7.1.

why the heck not now whenever you download that you’re gonna get this little thing right here or wherever your downloads go to so depending on what browser you use you might it may be  different to access your downloads but you’re gonna see you now have a file downloaded so just double click this and if it ask you for permission. say go ahead and this is actually one of the easiest some installers. you just clicking next a bunch of times if you ever install anything in your life you know it’s gonna feel like home but install for all users sure why not next and it says and this is just because I already downloaded it before because I don’t.

know I just like using Python but for this tutorial, I uninstalled it just so I could show you guys had downloaded it so you probably won’t get this but it says do you want to over it exists. files well yes I do why not next next and then it installs it’s actually really quick all right easy enough, I mean hey click like two buttons and now we have Python alright so completed it finish alright so  I guess you have lights on now but where the heck is it how do you even
start using it well if you go to your Start menu and go to all programs and scroll down you’re gonna see that you
now have a folder called Python 3.7. so click that and it has a bunch of crap in it right now but what we want right now is this the I D l E this is just a nice little program that lets us test out things in Python now we can’t just click
this right now and it can open up ok pretty cool. but what I want to show you guys had to do is this we’re actually
gonna be using this a lot so go back to that and if you right click it you can press send to desktop and then it puts
you or gives you a nice little handy icon on your desktop so hopefully this is gonna be one of your most used
programs for the future so now we can just double click it and boom check it out so again this is called the python IDLE or the Python shell and then lets you test out really simple commands it’s great for learning Python from the
beginning now I’m not gonna be um actually start teaching you anything in this command but just so we know that
everything is up and working just type in a simple equation like 3 plus I don’t know 4 why not hit enter it
gives us seven. all right so we’re good to go we have everything installed we added a shortcut to the desktop and now we all ready to start filling our brains with Python so thank guys for watching don’t forget to subscribe in the next
tutorial we’re gonna start learning the code…

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