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MyThemeShop : Quality WordPress Themes in Budget

When it comes to WordPress themes, we have unlimited options. Depending upon your budget, you can pick a theme for $0 (Free themes) or you can spend thousands of dollars to get a custom looking WordPress theme for you. But, when it comes to masses, it’s cost-effective premium themes which come as a rescue.

I always advocated and prefer premium themes over free themes, as they are well-coded and comes with many features such as priority support, regular updates and so on. I remember the days when selecting the right theme for WordPress blog was tough, and only a few premium theme clubs were out there.

In last 2 years, we have seen a great number of quality WordPress themes club coming up, and one of them which caught my attention is MyThemeShop.

Before I share the detail about MyThemeShop, let me share what makes a premium theme premium?

Theme coding:

One of the major difference between a free theme and premium theme is the level of coding. Premium themes are a commercial product, and all the companies know the importance of proper coding to make it a great product.

These companies spend countless hours of time to code and launch a theme, and with time they keep rolling out updates to make the theme compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Priority support:

 Finding a good theme is relatively easy, but editing theme is like building a rocket for non-coders. Premium theme club like MyThemeShop comes with priority support, which helps you to forget about hard-core coding and focus on things you are good at.

SEO of the theme: 

schema WordPress theme

Your blog theme plays a great role in the over all ranking of your domain. If your theme is not coded properly regarding SEO, you are more likely to encounter penalty than higher ranking. Premium theme club makers take care of these, and have SEO experts in their team to integrate the latest SEO needs and making the theme search engine friendly.


I always emphasize on the importance of blog design. This is first non-textual communication between your blog and readers, and a bad design will not only upset them, but it will make sure they will never come back.

Premium theme clubs have multiple design options, and there is something for everyone. All you need to do is, pick the design which matches your niche and your personal taste.

I could go on with the features of a premium WordPress theme that make it stand out, but in a nutshell, these are some of the major key points on which I judge a good theme.

Now, let me share my experience & review of MyThemeShop, and will share some of the best-looking themes from their marketplace.

MyThemeShop Review

MyThemeShop review: WordPress Premium theme for everyone

You can always judge the popularity of a new company by the number of happy users. MyThemeShop has a customer base of over 74,000 members, which they have added in a short span of 1.5 years.

As a part of WordPress community, they have also released many free themes to give something back to the community. At the time of writing, they have more than 70+ themes, and all of them are compatible with latest web-standards such as Responsive, HTML5 markup, CSS3 and quick page loading.

To review MythemeShop themes, I downloaded their “Sensational” theme and installed it on my server to try and test out for this review. Here I’m sharing my experience of installing and configuring the theme.

As a non-coder blogger, this will help you to decide if Mythemeshop is worth your money & time or not. I will share the pricing and other membership details later, but first let me share how easy it was to configure a theme from MyThemeShop WordPress theme club.

sensational wodpress theme

When you download a theme from your member’s area, you will not only get the theme file, but it also comes with all necessary files, documentation, and most important change log.

I liked the idea of the change log, as you can quickly see what has been updated and do you need to update your theme to the latest version or not.

Using WordPress dashboard install theme feature, you can quickly upload the .zip file and theme will be installed. As a non-coder, the hardest part is to configure the theme properly, and MyThemeshop theme options panel is feature rich. Everything which you need to change can be done from the options panel itself.

One place where you might be stuck is the logo size, and you can either use free online logo maker service or hire someone from Fiverr to create a quality logo for you as low as $5.

MythemeShop option Panel

My first impression of their theme options panel is; it’s created by someone who knows what a blogger needs. For example, ad management is indeed a great feature for a theme, and Mythemeshop took it to the next stage by letting you show ads only on posts after certain days.

This small but useful feature is user-friendly, and will be highly loved by your regular readers. If you are one of those who understands the importance of Typography, Mythemeshop let you configure your typography or make changes in the current one.

One of the best thing about MyThemeshop themes is, you don’t have to rely on plugins for doing things. For example, you need an author box, floating social media buttons, fixed navigation bar and much more; all these features can easily be switched on and off with one click from theme options panel.

Whenever I see a WordPress theme with so many features, my biggest fear is the page loading time, and MythemeShop excels in that area too. Check out the theme loading time which is less than 1 sec:

theme loading time

On a live site, you should also add W3 Total cache, Smush.it and integrate CDN to ensure your blog loading time doesn’t exceed to a great extent.

Conclusion: After playing with theme options, and other settings,  In one hour of time, you will be able to create a stunning looking WordPress blog without any coding skills with MyThemeShop.  You will need one hour because you will be setting up WordPress menus, adding a logo, favicon and other theme settings. 

Pricing and more details about MyThemeShop:

Pricing of MyThemeShop themes starts from $27-47/theme, or you can get one-year membership for $87 sign-up fees and $9/month afterward. The first option is perfect for an individual blogger, and membership option is great for WordPress developers and agencies who develop tons of client sites on WordPress.


Few important things to know:

  • MyThemeShop is adding minimum one theme/month.
  • Their themes are compatible with WordPress multi-site
  • They accept Payment via PayPal or 2Checkout
  • Bloggers can take advantage of their affiliate program which pays 60% for each sale.
  • All themes are browser friendly and are responsive.
  • Their support forum is very active, and you will get a response quickly for your doubts.

Overall as a premium theme club starting from $35, Mythemeshop is a great choice for your WordPress blog. In case if you are not in the mood to spend money right now, you can always choose from their free theme options here.

Their theme gallery is full of stunning looking WordPress theme, which will give a modern look to your blog.

MythemeShop theme

If you are an existing member of MyThemeShop, do let me know your feedback and review. If you find this review of MyThemeShop useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Google plus.


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