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Quickest Tip for Creating a Strong Password

hen we talk about hacking, one of the oldest method of hacking is brute forcing. Where a hacker, tries different combination to login to your ID. One easy way to solve this issue is by creating a strong password so that, it will take endless time for any brute forcing software to crack your password.

Why do We need To Keep Our Passwords Secure?

Passwords are getting more and more a part of our daily life. With many services relying more and more on their users going online, you might end up remembering a lot of passwords to keep in mind. Remembering them all can be a daunting task. And if your work makes you change your passwords every other week, you’re in big trouble.

Here in India, we have become very Internet dependent in our everyday task. We pay our bills online; we register our income tax report online, we make doctor’s appointments over the Internet, we are highly represented in Facebook and its equals. If we get unemployed, we have to register and fill in every bit of personal information in secure websites, etc..

Creating a good password

How To Create a Strong Password Which is Easy To Remember?

As I mentioned above, a strong password is the first level of defense you would be creating against hackers. Strong password in a sense , is a combination of Large Valued Characters or Mixed alphabets & numeric Passwords. It might be a strong password, but you will end up forgetting the password. Here we are giving you tips for Keeping your passwords secure and easy to remember.


Step1: Take a Simple Sentence


Step2: Remove ‘n’ number of character’s from each word from the end

Example:  Remove last two letters from each word


Will become


Now replace some keys with relevant special character.. for ex: a= @, o= Numeric 0, or numeric 0 =  ), or I = !

So new password will be:


Make sure you remember the method which you are using to create this strong password. For being on the safe side, write down your password in a paper and keep it in a place which is physically inaccessible by anyone apart from you.

Though it’s an easy trick to create a strong password but on a personal level it’s very handy to create a password which you can always remember and is hard to be crack.

If you find managing password tough, you should start using a password manager. There are many good free & paid password manager in the market.  I use Dashlane & you can either use this one or find something that suits your taste.


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