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A recent survey revealed that open marriages are rising in India!



There have been several surveys conducted in the past that suggest casual sex is pretty popular these in India. But this time the survey was about open marriages in India and how many people are really okay with this idea. Now for the uninitiated, open marriages are pretty similar to open relationships. The people involved in it are free to do anything they wish to even though they are married to each other.  The news agency carried out a survey and this is what it revealed.

41% of the men who were questioned confessed that they had no qualms about one night stands and women who also agreed to this were 29%.  Now this survey was just about casual sex. However there was this one survey that was conducted in the University of Michigan stating open marriages being on the rise in India. Whether you are in an open marriage or committed one, you will be happy either way suggested this survey.


This study was conducted because there are hardly any numbers to understand how many Indians open are towards open marriages and that is how they decided to ask relationship counselors to understand Indians. Relationship expert Kinjal Pandya, who was one among the counselors, said that people are these days more and more people are open about such a concept because after a point of time in life, sex becomes a routine. Most people get bored of this routine and they end up cheating. So instead doing this, couples prefer to be in an open marriage. There have been several cases where married couples have divorced because of boredom and there is nothing left in the marriage.  When further probed, relationship counselors also said that numerous people also believe that monogamy is ridiculous and humans are not really meant for that. Sexual infidelity is okay and shouldn’t be judged.

This is why open marriages are on the rise in India. However, the survey also revealed that this concept cannot really be handled by everyone. You need to be emotionally strong and be able to take stern decision to be able to handle an open marriage.  And if you are planning to get into one, you need to be able take your partner’s polygamous relations. After an understanding of being into such a relationship, you cannot get jealous or throw tantrums.



Another very important thing that you need to take care of is you cannot get emotionally involved with any of your sexual partners. It has to be strictly about sex and nothing more. The counselors from India who were also a part of this survey based o their experiences and interaction with couples like this have also observed that it is always better if you do not know your partner too well.  No connection means no concern of whatsoever said and done.  A rule that is the most common criteria about open marriages is that you sleep with one person just twice maximum and not more. If you break this rule, you be in trouble since the connection will build.

Concluding their findings, Shyam who is also an expert said that in his so many years of experience, the number of couples who have to come to him are those who were in an open marriage but ended up creating a huge mess. Though there are no exact figures or numbers to show, the researchers certainly said the number or couples getting into an open marriage is growing in India.


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