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Revision Control Plugin : Limit Posts Revisions in WordPress

Revision control is a useful WordPress plugin for putting a limit in WordPress post revisions. This WordPress limit posts revision plugin is very useful for bloggers to keep their blog Db optimized.

Post revision is one of very useful feature from WordPress. This feature keeps old post revision of your blog post. This is very useful feature to restore your post to last saved version. (Last edited version). Though despite of his useful feature, if you are not cleaning your database constantly, you will be creating a huge WordPress database because of lots of post revision.

Yesterday I was checking one post of mine which had almost more than 20 post revision. Keeping lots of post revision doesn’t make any sense. More over I take a daily backup of my WordPress database, and post revision increase the size of my database.

Here is the screenshot of post revision feature of WordPress

Post revision WordPress plugin is very useful plugin to limit or disable post revision feature in WordPress. You can configure this plugin to disable post revision feature completely. Though I suggest keep it minimum of post revision to 2, so that you can always recover your old post revision.

Though you can always use plugin like Wp-optimize to remove all old revision stored in your database.

Link : Post revision control wordpress plugin

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