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SEO Trends that will Shape Internet Marketing



As the online world is already in motion for 2017, it is the perfect time for a retrospection on what changed last year and what is probably going to change now. Since optimization is a multilayered organic process, you would find several individual perspectives on 2017. Trend forecasting in SEO is a complex task. It is mainly because of the apparent ambiguity maintained by search engines and partly due to the unpredictable character of internet.

Some of the points predicted here come common with other forecasts, but hopefully you can take home some unique giveaway from this post. Here are the top 7 SEO trends to focus your attention on in 2017. Stay prosperous, stay organic.

  • Unmatched Content

If any single SEO prediction has always been true over all these years, then it has to be the importance of developing quality content. The textual value of online resources has increased immensely over the years. Keyword rich content is already passé long time since. 2016 required content writers to optimize a key phrase to a minimum possible extent, often limited to a double repetition over a 500 words piece. The frequency of it may not change in this year, but the quality focus is definitely going to be better.

  • Making it Humanly

Viewer analytics suggest that websites that can facilitate a better humane connectivity with the readers do fare better compared to peers. There would be an expected growth of SEO strategies that aim to deliver a more direct, realistic connection with the reader. Strategies such as blog commenting, instagram management, Facebook promotions, etc are going to get a great boost by all assumptions. In fact, this is where the much discussed AMP thing also becomes relevant.

  • Search on the Run

Although some pundits are assuming that Google is going to shift all its operations by a mobile centric outlook, yet as of now it may just be a radical assumption. However, 2016 definitely showed significant activity on part of the premium search engine to promote AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages. These are simply light-coded content that loads faster than 3 seconds, and therefore have a better chance of surviving user attention span. AMPs hold a lot of prospect as well, so it should be a wise idea to dig them deeper.

  • Screen Power

A few months ago, Facebook released a statement on the surprising rise in video viewership. The truth is that, this year, videos made a huge comeback. More and more companies are already focusing on audiovisual marketing in 2017.

  • No Fake Content

Last year, Zuckerberg also released a statement on developing comprehensive strategies to combat Fake News circulating in social media. Apparently, there are lots of untrustworthy resources doing rounds online, and you need to be careful on developing research oriented content for websites.

Expect in-depth writing in the lines of Wikipedia. That is simply because it is one of those sites that always manage to be on the first page for most direct queries you put to Google. Webmasters would be vying for their place in the ‘People Also Ask’ suggestions provided by the search engine from last year or so.

  • Details Matter

As the internet continues to evolve in macro mode, micro level data also becomes more granular. In effect, 2017 is definitely going to be another year of richer analytics, because details matter!

  • Prepare for the Unpredictable

One pertinent trend that should be a mainstay in any SEO planning is the importance of remaining open minded. Nothing is for certain, and an abrupt change in algorithm dynamics in 2017 can prove to be a game changer. Google is almost overdue on its next big update, so just keep an open eye and be ready for a new year ahead!

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