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Tips to Secure your Laptop and Computers


Being an online worker, my laptop and mobile are one of the most important assets for me. And I’m sure even if are not a professional Blogger like me, your laptop or computer safety is one of your primary concern. You will never like to lose access of any Email account or any hacker peeking into private and sensitive folder of your laptop.

And especially, when a hacker get access to any laptop remotely, they not only get hold of data, but you can also lose many of your bank accounts and credit card details too. Hackers usually add Keyloggers or trojans, which record your computer screen and your Keystrokes and send it to them. Some trojan software’s gives real time access and they can see your screen and watch you from your Webcam without you knowing it. I know it sounds scary but this is the truth you might have to face, if you have not taken any measures to secure your laptop from unauthorized access.

I suggest you to read: How do hackers hack your password, which will give you an idea of, what measures you can take to ensure more safety and security while using computer.

Effective tips to Secure your Laptop from Intruders:

Antivirus software:

Using an outdated antivirus or using an antivirus which are not good enough to take care of your laptop from evil viruses, you might be keeping your data security in danger. First step would be use any of the best and effective antivirus and always update your antivirus.


If you are using default windows firewall and think you are secure, than think again. The fact is most of Trojan and spies when binned with latest binder are efficient enough to dodge your latest and updated antivirus. Firewall comes in handy to block such program to opening any Internet connection. There are plenty of free firewall to choose among. One of them is comodo firewall. Keep an updated version of Firewall and monitor all your internet activity.

Update all your software :

Usually patches and updates for software are rolled out to add extra features and remove any previous bugs. Either keep option for automatic updates on for all the software or use a freeware like Filehippo update checker to check for software updates.

Proper shut down :

Windows/Linux and Mac has a dedicated button to shut down your Computer. Use it to shut down your system else you might end up creating lots of dump files and corrupted software.

Install tracking software :

Laptop are portable and chances of loosing them while traveling is high. Use a Laptop tracking software to track your stolen laptop. One of such software is Adeona.It’s an open source software and free to use.

Backup your files at regular Interval:

Precaution is better then cure. Same thing goes here. Make a practice to take a backup of your files using a portable hard disk or some online storage. One of such free online storage program is Skydrive which offers 25Gb of free online storage.

Use a password for login:

Most of laptop users tends to avoid using password for their laptops and this is like leaving a big security loop hole. Any intruder can take control of your system when you connect to a network. Even the system is hacked, hacker have easy access to all your data files. So use a strong password to ensure your laptop safety. Always try to use a complex password using Alphabet, numeric and special characters.


Windows system has a inbuilt feature call Defragmentation which keep all the scattered file organized. You can access Defragmentation feature under Mycomputer>Manage>Defragmentation.

Make sure you follow these few tips to ensure the security and safety of your laptop.

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