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How To Use Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

Broken links are the links which gives 404 Error and mostly when you’re blogging for a long time, many links that you have added in the past from other websites might have gone down or the website itself has been taken down, or the pages does not exist anymore. All such links are not useful for search engines and they are seen as a negative point for the blog, so it’s always a good idea that every month you should work once and fix all the broken links on your blog.

When it comes to WordPress, there are so many plugins that can actually help us to fix all these broken links in a few clicks.I’m going to talk about Broken Link Checker Plugin, that’s a plugin I’m using on one of my blogs. Below mentioned are the settings that I do after installing this plugin.

  • Go to Settings-Link Checker. Go to Advanced-Forced recheck to check all the links and find all the broken and redirected links.
  • If you’re using an underpowered server or a shared hosting server and your blog is getting good hits, it’s always a good idea that you use Server load limit so that your website does not go down.
  • You can also configure in which section of the blog you want to check your links in. Just go the “Look for Links in” option and check that ever boxes are relevant for you.
  • Once you’ve done all these settings, you can go to Tools>Broken Links. You can see all the 404 links. There are two options here, either you find working links, click on “edit URL”, and replace it directly from here or you can simply select the link and click on “Unlink”. All the 404 links will be unlinked, and your blog will have lesser number of broken links.
  • Another good feature of this plugin is called Redirects. It shows all the links that have been added in the past, but now it’s been redirected to some other website. Simply select the link, and click on “Fix Redirects”. It will start linking to the actual page instead of the redirected page.

One suggestion, don’t keep this plugin running all the time because this plugin slows down your blog. But once in a while, it’s highly recommended that you use Broken Link Checker Plugin.


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