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worst reasons to be in a relationship with someone



It is not easy to play the love game. With so many rules and also competition, many may find it difficult to find the right one. We understand, that all your friends and cousins are either married or in a relationship. However, this should no way be a reason for you to date somebody. If you are single and also happy, then our advice for you is to just stay that way till you find the right one. Do not settle for somebody who is ‘Almost’ nice, ‘Almost’ your types or ‘Almost’ anything. Because if you do, the initial stages of your relationship will be all hunky dory, but once the honeymoon period fazes out, you will be in for a rude shock. Daily arguments, quarrels, irritation and fights will set in and what looked like a fairytale is now living hell. Do you want to go through all of that? No! If you are almost about to date somebody please consider these reasons. If any of these reasons are why you are planning to date, it is better to not get into it before it is too late. Because guys, breakups are always better than divorces! ALSO READ These 6 tips will tell you how to maintain a good relationship with your husband!

1. You are attaining your so called marriage- age

Dating somebody only because you are running out of time or because your body clock is ticking, is one of the last reasons to date somebody.  Getting married at 28, then having children by 30 is not an ideal life plan. Let love strike when it has to. Do not force yourself into it. Nobody cares really if you haven’t met a certain deadline. Just relax and let love happen naturally like it has to.

2. You feel too lonely

Chances are all your committed friends are spending their weekends with their better halves or with their colleagues. That should in no way affect your life. Feeling bored is okay, but do not let this make you feel lonely and left out.  Just look at it this way- you get more time than others to understand your own self better and that’s how you will make questionable life decisions. This in turn will help you find somebody you feel connected to.  If you are dating somebody because of loneliness, that is one bad call my friend!


3. You think he/she is a perfect family person

Is this seriously enough for you to get married to somebody? The idea of who that person represents should clearly not be your deciding factor for a possible relationship. She/he may come across as a nice Epson, might be caring and might love your family more than you do- so what? If there is no connection, however good your love is, it is never going to work. Don’t you want some sparks? Think about it!

4. Everybody around you likes the person

Again another worst reason to be with somebody is people around favoring him. It is you who has to stay with that person. Do not judge anybody based on what people tell you.  Your best friend, mom, siblings,father everybody thinks he/she is a keeper and you guys are perfect. So you go ahead and start dating. Trust us, you are making a big mistake here.  You are going to marry him/her, not them!


5. All in a moment

Did you date that guy because he looked all romantic and perfect when you first met him? However, try meeting him often and soon you will see all those initial sparks flying off your window. This is simply because, dreams are far from reality. The girl you like might be one of the most beautiful girls ever, but maybe she is a boring conversationalist. Here is the thing- nobody wants to spend their lives trying to turn somebody into your idea of an ideal partner. So, why waste time, when you can wait till the perfect one walks in. Dating somebody all in a moment of love or fairytale will lead you nowhere.

These are some of the worst reasons of actually dating somebody. If you are already in one, walk out of it before you make it worse for the two of you. And if you are single, you know what to do!

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